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At our organization we believe that we can surely make a difference by upbringing our child with a secure and promising future and it can only happen when we educate our child. Right to education is the fundamental right which is granted by the Constitution of India. Education enables a child to lay strong foothold in this world. It enables you to stand on your feet and earn a livelihood for yourself. We rigorously attempt to educate every child we come across from the weaker sections of the society and give them an ability to stand on their own feet and contribute towards the economy of the nation. We try to help the children in monetary terms for acquiring their educational needs. Further, we provide stationary to the needy children, distribute books to the needy children as a part of our welfare activities.Our main motive is to create awareness about education to the marginalized children.


Poverty is one of the worst evils known to India today and many are falling into its grip day by day to such an extent that even two square meals are too much to ask for. For people living under such circumstances, a life threatening disease like cancer, brain tumour or a hole in the heart can mean the end of an era. For people who can barely afford food, filling hospital bills is unfathomable. At Samridhi Charitable Trust we try to bring relief to such families by providing financial assistance and taking the responsibility of the money involved in treatment of people suffering from such diseases.


Strengthening community capacity to respond to issues of poverty and supporting the environment. Training marginalized people to be productive in areas of need. Working towards strengthening communication and working relationships with other partners to provide services, education and livelihood to the target population. Creating and developing issue based coalitions and partnerships.

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